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Bach on a bicycle tour - USA 2021/22

Richard Durrant

English Guitarist gets on his bike and Tours New England.


This low carbon-footprint show is sure to make an impression on audiences in New Hampshire & Vermont as Richard Tours his show in  olde-english Troubadour style.


Join us on his journey around the States as you listen to the strains of Bach on a Ukelele & Richard's newest album; 'Cycling Music' composed for his earlier cycling Tours of 'Old' England!!

"Gravity Bikes" - From Cycling Music Album

Richard performs a track from his new album; Cycling Music, composed for the Cycling Music Tour which had its first outing in 2013 as Richard took to the roads of England in the first of the Cycling Music Tours.


Richard completed Lap 2 in England during May & June 2015.




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