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Kerenza Peacock distinguished herself early in her studies at London’s Royal Academy of Music and formed the Pavao Quartet. Rather than pursue a career as a concert soloist, she decided that there were too many musical rooms to be explored to ever be satisfied with locking any of them without first venturing inside. “I wanted to work as a proper, all-around musician. I love to sit in a session or orchestra, but also get up and play the concerto. I love playing behind a rock star, or in the pit of Les Miserables one night, and then in a classical concert the next day. I thrive on variety. Every day is different. One day I taped “The X- Factor” in the afternoon then went straight to St. Martin in the Fields to perform a Mendelssohn concerto. I am curious to explore all styles of music, and I find it helps me develop as a musician. For example, playing with a jazz group totally changed the way I looked at Beethoven. He was an astounding improvisor, so I started looking at his works from that point of view. I’m so grateful for the many different genres of music that I’ve gotten to play and that I’ve been able to have as varied a career as I have.”

Kerenza Peacock - Concert Violinist

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