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Kerenza Peacock - Violinist

Labels are frustratingly narrow when applied to Kerenza Peacock. Yes, she’s a violinist. But she’s also a musician and an artist. Yes, she’s a classical musician. But she’s so much more, and to assign one of these definitions limits and understates all that she is about. She has a new album out as featured soloist with the London Symphony Orchestra. And she’s making an album with alt-bluegrass band The Coal Porters. She led the Pavao Quartet on five albums and 15 years of tours throughout the world. And she’s performed with Kanye West and Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton and Adele. And Charlotte Church and Hayley Westenra. Etcetera.


In Kerenza’s case, “etcetera” has a lot of ground to cover. Her level of accomplishment in any one of these genres would establish her as a leader in that respective field. Taken as a whole, her career is evidence that she is a singular and stunningly comprehensive musician. This is best epitomized by a point in time where she appeared on all of the top three albums on the UK’s Pop Albums chart AND the #1 album on the Classical Albums chart.

Kerenza Peacock in New York
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