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Mark Binder Touring 2017

Programs include: Festival Stories & Monologues • Storytelling Concerts • Adventures with Giants (and giant slugs) • Cinderella Spinderella… tales of diversity • Life in Chelm (Jewish folktales) • And many more…
  • Audience size(s): 50-75 • 76-150 • 150-400+

  • Age(s): adult • family • elementary • middle • early

  • Program lengths: 45-60 minutes. Longer upon request. Multiple dates may be scheduled with identical or different programs.

  • Program Structure: Each program consists of several stories (with the occasional song). Depending on your booking, these stories are a set list or fluid based on the age/demographics of the audience.

  • Audio requirements: Single microphone with monitor and adequate amplification in large or noisy venue.

  • Supply own equipment (additional fee): Bose L1 Model II with Tonematch and Sennheiser hand-held wireless microphone.

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