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What if, What Now, What Next? Episode 1 - Katy Lipson.

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

A Podcast exploring the future of Theatre & the Performing Arts in a Post-Covid World!

On February 23, 2021, the day after the UK Government outlined a roadmap for the phased reopening of theatres & other such venues, I sat down with UK Theatre Producer; Katy Lipson, for a conversation about how the Pandemic had affected her business and to get an idea of her vision of the future for Theatre & the Performing Arts in a Post-Covid World.

Before getting in to the interview with Katy, I took a moment to put the current Pandemic in to some historical context and outlined the broad themes that we'll be covering in this first series.

As Theatre & Performing Arts practitioners, we've had an unprecedented amount of time to reflect upon what our sector really looks like. For all its joys and excitement when we're working, far too many are not working often enough, or struggle to get a foothold. What are the many and varied factors that hold so many back? What changes can we effect?

In this, our first episode, Katy tells us where she was when the shutdown of theatres in the UK was announced. The impact it had on her and the people around her. Katy guides us through the mechanics of what it takes to get a show produced and staged and how technology not normally part of the Live Theatre experience, has been repurposed to provide new potential income streams.

We explore 'C-O-N-T-A-C-T', a new immersive work that Katy produced in recent months and we learn about the audience response to the piece and how newer technology helped make this production possible.

Looking to the future, Katy expands upon her involvement with The Vertical Theatre, a covid-safe, pop-up theatre concept and we also talk about a project she started to help develop new British Musical Theatre.

With the tantalizing prospect of Theatres in the UK starting to reopen in a phased manner from May/June, 2021, Katy's schedule is already starting to look hectic but you'll soon realize as you listen to her that this is just how Katy likes it!

The Future?

Busy? - Certainly!

Challenging? - Without a doubt.

But as the cliche goes...The Show must go on...and as I bid Katy farewell we move on to Episode 2 with Eliza Marshall, about whom, more later! (Don't miss an episode - Subscribe to our Blog!)

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