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Shuffle concert

You Choose - We Play!

When you come to a Shuffle Concert, you will receive an individually numbered menu filled with musical masterpieces in every possible musical style, from Neo-Classical to Cabaret. If your number is picked, you get the chance to choose what style and piece will be performed next! 


Every concert is a completely new experience, both for the audience and the Shuffle Concert performers.


Animation: Oded Naaman 



Members: Soprano: Amy Justman Oboe: Roni Gal-Ed Violin: Lauren Basney Cello: Linor Katz Clarinet: Moran Katz Piano: Eliran Avni

Shuffle play Porgy & Bess

A modern day ensemble that delivers the unexpected. Inspiring and energetic, New York-based chamber music ensemble SHUFFLE Concert changes the rules of performance as we know it.


Conceived by SHUFFLE’s artistic director and pianist, Eliran Avni, SHUFFLE Concert was born while Avni was exercising on the elliptical machine at the gym. His MP3 player jumped from a Pretenders song to the first movement of Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony, nearly causing him to lose his balance… and thus, the idea for SHUFFLE Concert was born!

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