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Richard Durrant

The Guitar Whisperer Tour - USA

Richard Durrant

The Guitar Whisperer


A chance to see the UK’s only stand up, barefoot, un-classical guitarist.


With animated film, projected artwork and his own very special connection with the audience Durrant performs his new Guitar Whisperer Show.


The programme includes:

JS Bach - Chaconne in Dm,

Debussy - Reverie & Arabesque,

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells,

JS Bach - for unaccompanied Ukulele,

Durrant - Cycling Music

(for guitar, sequencers and


Excerpt from Previous Tour


Guitarist Richard Durrant plays his own arrangement of Debussy's Arabesque No.1 with animated film by artist Miranda Vincent.


This is often included in Richard's solo show; The Guitar Whisperer. The film is projected on screen with Richard accompanying.


This show has previously toured around the UK, mainland Europe and South America. To book this Tour call me on (802) 730-0484.

All tour dates can be found on


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